Perceptual Drawing: A Handbook for the Practitioner

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“Perceptual Drawing” presents a practicum of 10 plus drawings which lead the reader in a detailed explanation of various perceptual concepts considering line and tone.


In Perceptual Drawing: A Handbook for the Practitioner, Conrad Ross presents eleven traditional perceptual drawing exercises designed to aid the practitioner desiring to improve their representational drawing skills. The exercises are carefully organized and presented in a straightforward manner. Observation, measurement, reflection, adjustment, confirmation, and repeated practice are stressed as critical to the drawing process. Beginners will find this a short handbook a useful place to begin their journey learning how to draw. - Anne Hanger

To paraphrase the sculptor Henry Moore: “Drawing is looking with grit." That statement describes the act of drawing based on a response to what you are viewing. With a simple string, Professor Ross explains the picture plane and figure ground. These tools are made available for the novice, yet at the same time they are the tools that can move the experienced artist away from breezy mannerisms. - Robert Rivers, University of Central Florida

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