Home Setting in Early Netherlandish Paintings: A Statistical and Iconographical Analysis of Fifteenth- and Early Sixteenth-Century Domestic Imagery

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This volume contains a statistical study of 287 Early Netherlandish paintings with domestic settings. The results of the statistical study are compared to information culled from fifteenth and early sixteenth century household inventories to suggest that painters and their workshops manipulated depictions of domestic settings and the objects contained within them to signify workshop or civic identity within accepted iconographical frameworks.


“Dr. LeZotte’s use of statistics, along with archival records, to reveal more about workshop practices is an important contribution to scholarship. . . . The work is also one of the few places in which one could encounter an examination of guild regulations and how these influenced artworks visually.” – Dr. Amy Morris, Assistant Professor of Art History, Southeastern Louisiana University

“Without a doubt, Dr. LeZotte’s work is an important contribution to the discourse on early Netherlandish painting of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.” - Dr. Stephen M. Wagner, Professor of Medieval Art, Graduate Studies Coordinator, Department of Art History, Savannah College of Art and Design

Table of Contents

Preface: The Challenge of Images List of Tables
Introduction: Employing Statistics in the Analysis of Early Netherlandish Domestic Paintings: Controversies and Methodological Models
1. Defining Domestic
2. Domesticity and Identity
3. Statistics, Domesticity and Identity
4. Domesticity, Identity and Iconography
Conclusion: Statistics, Domesticity and Possibility
Appendix: Statistical Study

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