Ordeal of Nationalism in Modern Europe, 1789-1945

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This work is an imaginative, comprehensive, and up-to-date treatment of the extremely elusive subject of nationalism manifesting itself in an endless ordeal of wars and revolutions. Based on thousands of original and secondary sources in four languages, it is also cross-disciplinary, consulting works in psychology, neurology, sociology, anthropology, and political science. The result is both scholarly and fascinating. And, given the current resurgence of national aspirations in Central and Eastern Europe, exceptionally timely.


". . . an excellent addition to the scholarly work on nationalism. I find myself nodding in agreement on virtually every page. The organization is first rate, the writing clear and readily understandable. . . . The documentation provided by Professor Gastony is superb. . . . His scholarship is to be commended. . . . Especially valuable is the author's treatment of the interaction between the extensive economic and social modernization of Europe with the evolutionary ascent of nationalism." - Louis L. Snyder

". . . tremendous scholarship. Surely integration of a wide area of reading is its strongest point. . . . As preparation for understanding the countervailing forces of our late Twentieth Century, the reader will profit from this erudite and thoughtful excursion into the great passion of past and present." - E.N. Peterson

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