ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL SYSTEMS IN THE EARLY MODERN AGE SEAPORTS: Malta, Messina, Barcelona, and Ottoman Maritime Policy

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“This research provides a good overview of the importance of arsenals in the Early Modern naval, military, economic, and social history of the Mediterranean, focusing on four case studies in a comparative framework.”
-Ida Fazio,
Associate Professor of Economic History,
University of Palermo


“Thanks to the research on the arsenals of Constantinople/Istanbul (Ottoman Empire / Turkey), Birgu (Malta), Messina, (Italy) and Barcelona (Spain) now we gain a much better knowledge on a wider overview.”
-Giuseppe Restifo,
Professor in Modern History,
University of Messina, Italy

“This book presents significant research on the Arsenals of the Mediterranean in the modern age by relying on an extensive use of printed primary sources, providing a real contribution to an area of literature greatly underdeveloped in historiography.”
-Prof. PhD. Fernando Diaramitaro,
Universidad Autónoma de la Ciudad de México

Table of Contents

List of Abbreviations
Commendatory Preface by Guiseppe Restifo
Chapter 1: The Ottoman Empire Maritime Policy
The Rise of the Ottoman Navy
Tersane-I Amire
The Ottoman Crews
Interpreting in a “contact zone”: Dragomans at the Sultan’s Court
Spying and Propaganda
Tophane-I Amire
The Ottoman Military Organization
Chapter 2: Malta and the Order: The Maritime Arsenal in Birgu
The Arrival of the Knights
The Ottoman danger
A glance on the history of the Order
1565: the Siege
The Arsenal in Birgu
The Arsenal Workforce
The Galley Squadron
The Galley Slaves
Corsairing Activity in Malta
Chapter 3: Messina: The Sicilian Dockyard
Messina and its Harbour The Tarzanà
The Arsenale Nuovo
The Arsenale Nuovissimo
The Galea
Chapter 4: The Drassanes at Barcelona
A Muslim Lake?
The Technical Thinking
The Naval organization and the Galera
Les Drassanes, Reials de Barcelona
Spanish Ships
Index of Names and Topics

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