Old Testament in the Old Princeton School (1812-1929)

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This study fills a lacuna in the history of Princeton Theological Seminary and in the history of Old Testament studies in America by fleshing out the history and significance of the Princeton Old Testament School (1812-1929) through a study of the lives and extant writings of the faculty, especially unpublished archival material never before scrutinized by a specialist in the Old Testament.


". . . there has been massive research into the available material, including the detailed archives of Princeton Seminary. It forms a chronicle of the lecture materials, written productions, and influence of the various teachers. . . . This study is important far beyond the immediate field of Old Testament studies. It shows how a particular subject department carried out its task for over a hundred years, but also that the lack of much new blood from outside (apart from Robert Dick Wilson) probably had a stultifying effect. It also shows the effect that intense preoccupation with academic standards can have on the life of a seminary." - The Reformed Theological Review

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