New Religious Movements in Nigeria

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Essays focusing particularly on new religions in the period of diversification and change that has elapsed since the civil war of 1967-1970.

". . . achieves a coherence that is not too common in a collection of its type." - West Africa


". . . gives insight into the great variety of Nigerian responses to social, political, economic, and religious change. . . . an excellent resource book for all who are interested in religious movements in the contemporary world. It is well documented and would be a good source for African religion, religious movements, Christianity and culture, intercultural Christian education, and indigeneity." - Missiology ". . . an important publication because it covers a lot of new ground . . . . [a] pioneering volume . . . ." - African Studies

"I very much recommend this book. I recommend it warmly to those with an interest in Nigeria, regardless of how far removed from religion they might consider their business to be, for in Nigeria they will stumble into religion sooner or later. I recommend it strongly to all students of religion . . . should fascinate many who work in the field called Religionswissenschaft." - Hans-J├╝rgen Greschat in Africana Marburgensia

"The diversity and fertility of Nigerian religion is well displayed in this useful collection of essays. . . . It is excellent to read a collection in which nearly all the contributors are Nigerians, who write with firsthand knowledge of their own societies." - Journal of Religion in Africa

". . . makes a significant contribution to the growing literature on the subject. . . . interesting and informative . . . a valuable book which should be of special interest to social scientists, historians, and students of religious studies." - F. K. Eke

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