Igbos of Nigeria Ancient Rites, Changes, and Survival

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". . . an introduction to one of the largest ethnic groups in Nigeria's 100 million plus population. . . . The bibliography is extensive. . .graduate libraries with an extensive collection of works on Nigeria and/or the Igbo should acquire this book. " - Choice

"This study is committed to sustaining the premise of the Igbo as `an immensely proud, dynamic, progressive and ambitious people'. It does so principally by reviewing, with copious support from secondary sources, such aspects of their culture as social organization, land use, modernization of agriculture, and `The Seduction of Christianity and Education'. . . . its stout assertion of the Igbos `time-honored tradition of modernity' is a welcome antidote to the contemporary colonial presentation of the Ibo, only fifty years ago, as `backward and unorganized but democratic and vigorous.'" - African Affairs

"Three chapters which form the heart of the book follow, on markets, trade and agriculture. Here Njoku writes ... interestingly and in some detail. . . . there is an interesting section on agricultural settlement projects, where we derive a sense of problem and human reactions to the projects. Njoku clearly views improved agriculture as a key to Igbo progress rather than industrial development." - The International Journal of African Historical Studies

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