Names, Titles, and Characters by Literary Writers - Shakespeare, 19th and 20th Century Authors

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This volume is part of an honorable tradition in the examination of influences on authors in naming characters, choosing titles, setting locale. The book’s coverage is broad: literary names are examined for the Early Modern Period in England; 19th century in America ; and the 20th century America, and some European influences.

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Foreword; Preface
Part One: Shakespeare
1. A Key to the Name Shylock
2. Sizing up Shylock’s Name Again
3. Malvolio’s Manipulated Name
4. Decoding the “Rose” Affiliation in Rosencrantz
5. The Moor’s Nomenclature
6. The Moor’s Indian or Judean Identification: The Major Textual Crux
7. Lear’s Learned Name
8. The Codification of Cordelia’s Name
9. Caliban’s Name and the “Brave New World”
10. On Fetching Caliban’s “Young Scamels”
11. On Retaining Mr. Arden of Feversham: The Question of Titular Resonance
12. Shakespeare’s Titular Paronomasia
Part Two: 19th Century England (and the Edwardian Period)
13. Drood the Obscure: The Evidence of the Names
14. Drood Renominated
15. Dickens’s Little Testament: Spiritual Quest or Humanistic Document?
16. Tess of the D’Urbervilles and George Turberville
17. “Hyde and Seek”: That Long Vowel Also in Dr. Jekyll’s Name
18. The Onomastics of Sherlock
19. Poe’s C. Auguste Dupin and Sherlock Holmes’s Initial
20. On the Pedigree of the Holmes Name: Apropos of the First English Detective Work
Part Three: 19th and 20th Century America (and Some European Influence)
21. Ironic Fertility: “Defoliating” the Title Leaves of Grass
22. As You Like [Prufrock]: Shakespearean Undertones in the Monologuist’s Name and Nature
23. Sinclair Lewis’s Zenith – Once Again
24. Burns and Frost: Fire and Ice Again
25. Whence the Name of Nancy Drew
26. Salinger’s Caulfield: A Refraction of Copperfield and His Caul
27. How Bigger’s Name was Born
28. Amerika and America: Nomenclatural Parallels in Kafka, Lewis, and Dickens
Part Four: Conclusion
Works Cited; Index

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