Fleissner, Robert F.

Dr. Fleissner fairly recently retired from Central State University, where he was an Associate Professor in the Department of Humanities for some 37 years after completing his Ph.D. at New York University.

Names, Titles, and Characters by Literary Writers - Shakespeare, 19th and 20th Century Authors
2001 0-7734-7524-9
This volume is part of an honorable tradition in the examination of influences on authors in naming characters, choosing titles, setting locale. The book’s coverage is broad: literary names are examined for the Early Modern Period in England; 19th century in America ; and the 20th century America, and some European influences.

Price: $179.95

Resolved to Love: The 1592 Edition of Henry Constable's Diana
1980 0-7734-0493-7
Presents a page-by-page transcription of the 1592 edition, with collations followed by a section of critical notes, including both textual and interpretive commentary.

Price: $119.95

Shakespeare and the Matter of the Crux: Textual, Topical, Onomastic, Authorial, and Other Puzzlements
1992 0-7734-9622-X
Deals with the identification of Love's Labour's Won, a play long "missing" from the Shakespeare canon; the Master W.H. controversy; and the issue of the crux of cruxes, that in Henry V.

Price: $219.95

Shakespearean and Other Literary Investigations with the Master Sleuth (and Conan Doyle)
2003 0-7734-6779-3
This study presents some major influences on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (especially Shakespeare), but also deals with the influence of Doyle on others, notably T. S. Eliot. Other essays deal with onomastics, religion, and race, with Doyle’s insistence that Shakespeare was the true author of the plays (not Bacon, Marlowe, Edward de Vere, etc), the identity of Mr. W. H., and more.

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Shakespearean Puzzles: Essays on Textual, Dramatic, and Biographical Enigmas in Some Plays by Shakespeare
2008 0-7734-5147-1

Price: $139.95

Sources, Meaning and Influences of Coleridge’s Kubla Khan, Xanadu Re-Routed. A Study in the Ways of Romantic Variety
2000 0-7734-7718-7
Contains three main sections: first, an extensive analysis of the poem not only line by line but image by image; then an examination of the construct of the poem as a whole on its own terms (text, structure and imagery, influence); finally, the modern effect in terms of influence upon others (Poe, Tennyson, Forster, Bowen, Welles). the vital drug issue, and evaluating modern scholarship on the subject.

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