Modern American Indian Leaders

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This book tells the story of the lives and works of a sample of Native American leaders who have succeeded in changing the course of history and yet have not received recognition for their achievements. In the face of the many trials that the Native American people have struggled through in the last few centuries, a surprising number of Native American leaders have still been able to emerge, excelling in business, tribal leadership, sports, literature, theater and academics. There are 40 black and white photos in this book.


“As you, the reader, undertake to read and reflect on the greatness of the Native People presented here it is both wise and challenging to reflect on the obscurity of some of these great Indian Americans. Only by placing them in the company of one another can we understand that the individual agency displayed by these eighty-seven and hundreds more of similar strength and virtue can the true strength of America be understood. This is a book that belongs in every library in the United States and on the desk of every American school child. “
– Professor Troy Johnson, California State University at Long Beach

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations
Foreword by Dr. Troy Johnson
The Major Issues
Tribal Leaders
War Leaders
Sports Leaders
Literary Leaders
Education Leaders
Movement Leaders
Religious Leaders
Other Leaders
Appendix 1 – President Nixon’s Indian Policy Statement
Appendix 2 – Terminated Tribes
Appendix 3 – Tribal Affiliations

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