Indian Massacres in the United States (Two Volume Set)

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Dr. Dean Chavers collects and compiles a definitive description and recollection of massacres upon the Native peoples of North America.


"Anglo writers have almost consistently blamed Indians for the conflicts that happened as Anglo, French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian occupiers forced their way onto Indian lands. The Texan Mirabeau B. Lamar said, for instance, that “every generation of settlers knew the fear, or the harassment, of savage Indian warfare.” This book reports the truth—warfare between Indians and settlers was very one-sided. The settlers killed Indians by the thousands, and in almost every state. The savage warfare came from the settlers, not the Indians. In addition, Anglo books are loaded with racist phrases about Indians, even the most evenhanded books. Words like warrior, buck, squaw, papoose, savage, warpath, and heathen are still found even in the most modern books that have a pro-Indian focus. The books from the nineteenth century and before are much worse."
From the Introduction

Table of Contents

The Cohesion of Indian Policy

The Era of Discovery

The Era of Treaty Making

The Reservation Era

Indian Massacres in the U. S.

Summary of Indian Massacres

Indian Massacres by State



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