Mission of the Church in Methodist Perspective. The World is My Parish

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Discusses the nature of the church's mission in the world from a basis of sound scholarship on biblical, historical and systematic theology. Writing from a distinctly Wesleyan perspective, the essays consider mission in the context of Scripture, John Wesley, the growth of institutions, ecclesiological vision, social justice, church growth and religious dialogue.


". . . perceptive and helpful. . . . In "Mission and Religious Dialogue," the young Scandinavian theologian Roald Kristiansen develops a fresh, insightful, and balanced affirmation of what dialogue means for mission-minded Christians amidst massive global change. Indeed, his theological vision fittingly marks the work's capstone. The book itself will appeal chiefly to Methodists but seminaries of other denominations will want this as a reference work in their libraries." -- Missiology

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