Concept of Ethnicity in the Bible: A Theological Analysis

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Examines biblically and convenantally the origin, goal, dynamics, and role that ethnicity has played in multi-ethnic contexts in mission, civil, and ecclesial spheres.


“The thorny and controversial issues of “ethnicity” in concept, theory and practice are responsibly handled through word studies, theological discourse, theoretical debates, and practical discussion. The research findings are relevant to the cultural landscape of the twenty-first century with practical implications for Christian ministry in multiple cultural contexts.” - Prof. Enoch Wan, Western Seminary

“This volume provides a wealth of information for cross-cultural workers and missionaries who face the challenges of communication God’s Gospel to different ethnic groups. It also informs and challenges members of academic communities to reflect on its findings, applications, and recommendations.”- Prof. Paul Long, Sr., Reformed Theological Seminary

“. . . show[s] the centrality of the work of mission in the Old Testament and its critical movement outward to the peoples of the world, despite the strong skepticism on this subject by so many writers heretofore.”- Prof. Walter C. Kaiser, Jr., Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

Table of Contents

List of Abbreviations
List of Figures
1. Ethnicity: Background Literature
2. Ethnicity: Ethnicity and Interdisciplinary
3. Ethnic Solidarity: Preliminary Definitions
4. Dominion Covenant, Babel, Ethnic Solidarity
5. Primal History, Abraham, and Mission
6. Abrahamic and Mosaic Covenants Impact Esol
7. Esol and the Covenants in Wisdom Literature
8. Esol in the Prophets and Mission Success
9. Esol, Babel-Pentecost, and the New Covenant
10. Esol, Paul, and Covenant Theology
11. Conclusion and Application
Glossary of Philosophical Terms
Reference Terms

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