Martin Heidegger's Interpretations of Saint Augustine

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Augustine and Heidegger, the sixth volume in the Collectanea Augustiniana series, is an analysis of Heidegger’s interpretation of Augustine of Hippo. The first part deals with Heidegger’s phenomenological analysis of Confessions X from the perspective of both Augustine and Heidegger. The second part treats various themes common to both authors. This book is timely since there is presently no in-depth study of the relationship between Augustine and Heidegger on either side of the Atlantic.


“The posthumous publication of Martin Heidegger’s previously unpublished lectures and manuscripts has shed more light on the sources which inspired him ... As Heidegger’s sources are studied more precisely, it becomes clear that Augustine played a larger role in Heidegger’s work from its inception that we had previously thought ... I welcome a book devoted to a more concrete comprehension of the important relationship between Augustine and Heidegger. The relationship between Augustine, indeed all classical metaphysics, and Heidegger will be shown to go very deep. It is then important to re-think the theme of time and eternity in light of this relationship.” – (from the Note of Welcome) Karl Kardinal Lehmann, Mainz, Germany

“The collection of essays ... in this volume is nothing short of revolutionary. Both the African bishop in his Confessions and the Freiburg philosopher in Sein und Zeit wrestled conceptually with the notion of time. With the publication in 1995 of Heidegger’s essay, “Augustinius and die Neuplatoniker” from his Nachlass, scholars finally acquired an explicit link between these two great thinkers. Exploiting this point of departure, these remarkable essays have opened, explored and developed heretofore uncharted fields of research. In attempting to grasp the fundamental problem, namely the specific intellectual relationship between Augustine and Heidegger, these essays represent a serious and substantive contribution to a discussion that will last for decades.” – Professor Kenneth B. Steinhauser, Saint Louis University

“Augustine not only dominated medieval thinking, but he also influenced modern philosophy in many ways. While research of the last fifteen years has taught us to read Descartes as a follower of Augustine, this volume shows for the first time that Martin Heidegger was also deeply indebted to the Bishop of Hippo. Leading experts in Augustine and phenomenology explain how fundamental ideas of Sein und Zeit grew out of Heidegger’s interpretation of the Confessiones. This volume makes an outstanding contribution to research in Augustine’s impact on twentieth-century thinking. Even more, it helps contemporary philosophy understand itself better.” – Professor Johannes Brachtendorf, Universität Tübingen, Germany

Table of Contents

Grusswort (Note of Welcome) – Karl Kardinal Lehmann
Part I. Heidegger and Confessiones X
Part II. Augustine and Heideggerian Themes
Index of Names

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