Augustine and the Phenomenological Question of Time / Augustinus und die Phänomeologische Frage Nach der Zeit

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In this work F.-W. von Herrmann, Professor Emeritus of Freiburg Universität im Breisgau, demonstrates the direct influence of Augustine of Hippo on the thought of Husserl and Heidegger. The importance of the translation lies in its presentation of Augustine as a phenomenological thinker on the question of time to an audience unaware of his influence on the contemporary age.


“This book proves the over-arching importance of Augustine’s search for the nature of time from a contemporary phenomenological perspective. Professor von Herrman delves into the fine points which the varying interpretations of Augustine made by Husserl and Heidegger themselves demand.” – Norbert Fischer, Professor of Fundamental Philosophy, University of Eichstätt, Germany

“Friedrich-Wilhelm von Herrmann, editor of Heidegger’s works and a renowned student of his thought, has presented the scholarly world with a careful reading of Augustine’s thought on time along with Husserl’s and Heidegger’s appropriation of it, which provided them with a central focus on their reflections. In this volume Frederick Van Fleteren presents to the English-speaking world a clear and readable English version of the work along with a Preface and Prologue. Professor Jeremiah Hackett’s help together with an Epilogue is evident. The translation and presentation will be appreciated by Augustinian scholars as well as by students of contemporary European phenomenology.” – Roland Teske, Donald J. Schuenke Professor of Philosophy, Marquette University

“Friedrich-Wilhelm von Herrmann gives a close reading of Augustine’s intense treatment of time in Book X of the Confessions, bringing out the rich implications of his Latin terms, and he shows how Heidegger, drawing on Husserl’s work, brings Augustine’s analysis into our modern situation. His book illuminates the writings of Augustine and Heidegger, and offers insights into the mystery of time and our way of being within it. The translators’ introduction and epilogue enhance the value of the book and locate it within current scholarly debates.” - Robert Sokolowski, Professor of Philosophy, The Catholic University of America

Table of Contents

Welcome to the English Edition – Norbert Fischer
Preface to the English Edition – Frederick Van Fleteren
Translator’s Prologue - Frederick Van Fleteren
I. Augustine’s Phenomenological Investigation of Time in Confessiones
1. Time and Eternity
2. The Construction and Pattern of Movement of Augustine’s Investigation of Time
3. The Search for Existence or Non-existence of Time (Confessiones XI, 14-20)
4. The Question concerning the Essence of Time
II. The Meaning of Augustine’s Phenomenological Investigation of Time for Husserl and Heidegger
1. Husserl’s Phenomenological Search for Time as Phenomenological Analysis of Time-consciousness
2. Heidegger’s Phenomenological Quest for Time as a Quest for Original Time and for the Common View of Time Arising from It
Concluding Observations
Epiologue – Jeremiah Hackett

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