Contributions by Women to Nineteenth Century American Philosophy

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A revisionist monograph places women philosophers inside the mainstream of American philosophy in the 19th century.


Valuable contributions this work makes to the study of early American philosophy: it gives a rich context.” – Prof. Mary Ellen Waithe Cleveland State University

“The women philosophers who are the subject of successive chapters each are in the forefront of early philosophical movements in the United States. These are philosophers who were famous in their day, but are on the faded margins of history. Not for long! Their restitution to the canon of American thought is most welcome.” – Prof. Mary Ellen Waithe Cleveland State University

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Frances Wright: Humanitarian Utilitarian 1795-1852

Chapter 2 Frances Wright: Excerpted Works

Chapter 3 Antoinette Brown-Blackwell: Physics, Metaphysics 1825-1921

Chapter 4 Antoinette Brown-Blackwell: Excerpted Works

Chapter 5 Marietta Kies: Idealist, Altruist 1853-1899

Chapter 6 Marietta Kies: Excerpted Works


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