MÉlusine (roman De Parthenay Ou Roman De Lusignan)

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This edition of Mélusine by Couldrette, accompanied by a translation into Modern French, is based on manuscript BnF fr. 18623 and provides specialists and non-specialists with privileged access to an important version of the Mélusinian textual tradition. In French.


“The decision to place a Middle French edition beside a Modern French translation allows a sure understanding of the text, and, at the same time permits a glance at a state of the French language when greater fluidity and less stasis were its trademarks . . .” – Prof. Daniel E. O’ Sullivan, University of Mississippi

“. . . the volume offers a text established with an extreme philological rigor resting on a dynamic principle of respect for the medieval manuscript, a tradition that is both precise and enlightening, which will ably guide the reader to a clear understanding of the medieval text.” – Prof. Claudio Galdersi, Université de Poiters

Table of Contents

(Table des Matières) Remerciements
Foreword by Daniel E. O’ Sullivan
Étude littéraire
Vocation des semblances celtiques dans Mélusine
D’un roman les deux autres. Du contexte aristotélicien à la valeur herméneutique
Édition, langue, et traduction
Éditions précédentes, choix du manuscrit
Présentation du manuscrit
Principes de transcription
Indications bibliographiques
Roman de Parthenay ou Roman de Lusignan
Index des noms propres

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