L’Écriture Feminine au XVIE Siecle en France

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This work is the study of the access of women to literature in sixteenth-century France, a period not considered to be conducive to the awakening of female writers. Focuses on the different steps of personal writing and the analysis of the women’s literary work. This book contains seven color photographs and six black and white photographs. In French.


“. . .this very detailed and perceptive study has found a fervor and a particular tone to reveal a group of [women] writers who were formerly exiled into the realm of anonymity. . . . Annette Shahar has made a profound contribution to the discourse on gender studies. . . . Her meticulous analysis of the writing processes successfully convinces us that the contribution of these women writers is unquestionably original and momentous.” – Ilana Zinguer, Professor of Literature of the Renaissance, Department of French Language and Literature; Head of the Center of French Civilization, University of Haifa, Israel

“The interesting question which Annette Shahar asks links the meaning of feminine writing to the creation of a specific and generic identity. She convincingly shows that the texts, belonging to precise genres and conditioned by codes, were used by women who re-wrote them so as to show their re-appropriation of the texts and their own inscription in a field mainly occupied by male authors at the time.” – Dr. Nadine Kuperty-Tsur, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer, Chair, French Department, Tel Aviv University

Table of Contents

Liste des illustrations
Foreword (Prof. Ilana Zinguer)
Préface (Prof. Ilana Zinguer)
1. Le Rôle dela Réforme dans l’Education des Femmes
2. Les Différentes<>
3. Evolution de la Création Littéraire
4. Les Genres Littéraires Choisis
5. Renouvellement des procédés stylistiques
Annexe 1
Aperçu biographique des écrivaines en étude

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