Louis Bromfield, Novelist and Agrarian Reformer. The Forgotten Author

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This biography uses archives at The Ohio State University, records in Mansfield, Ohio, as well as Bromfield's letters to reconstruct his life and career.


"Considering his significant influence not only as a writer but also as a newspaper columnist, conservationist and propagandist of organic agricultural methods, the lack of biography on Bromfield created a gap in American cultural history - a gap that Ivan Scott's Bromfield has now filled. . . . Scott's book on Bromfield has the potential to become a classic. Scott analyzes Bromfield's writings and his political and social activities by putting them in the context of the crucial events of the first half of the twentieth century. . . . Scott's immense knowledge of European and American history makes this method valuable and appealing. . . . He builds his arguments on the basis of unsurpassed mastery of an enormous amount of materials: almost thirty of Bromfield's novels, countless notes and letters, and numerous newspaper articles that appeared in the United States and Europe, where Bromfield spent more than ten years." - Michael Jakobson

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