Los Imaginarios De La DecepciÓn En Las Novelas Chilenas De Los 90 / Imageries of Deception in Chilean Novels of the 1990s

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This book focuses on the “New Chilean Narrative” published in the historically significant decade of the 90s by a group of writers belonging to the “Generation of the 80s”. The analysis of selected texts by Ana María del Río, Diamela Eltit, Guadalupe Santa Cruz, Jaime Collyer, Ramón Díaz Eterovic, Gonzalo Contreras, and Alberto Fuguet explores the literary strategies by which these writers present literary “imageries of deception” that question the post-dictatorial order in Chile. The concept of “imageries of deception” alludes to literary motifs that represent a critical view of a Chilean contemporary reality whose source can be traced to the Pinochet dictatorship and its ideological aftermath. The “imageries of deception” question the dominant myths that sustain Chilean post-dictatorial society, and remember the nation’s ideological conflicts of the past three decades. As cultural spaces where memory resists the dominant will to deceptively erase the past, the narrative of the 90s reveals the enduring and debilitating impact of a dictatorship successfully disguised as the current “neo-liberal democracy”.


“Within the context of such limited and sparse conversations and discussions of the 1990s, Guillermo García-Corales and Cecilia Ojeda offer this pioneering and lucid work on Chilean narrative of the nineties produced by the Generation of 1980. ... This study’s multiple contributions are important in order to understand what our twentieth century was in the cultural-literary arena, as well as the social-political one.” – (From the Commendatory Preface) Raymond L. Williams, University of California, Riverside

“Guillermo García-Corales and Cecilia Ojeda showcase an impressive array of Chilean writers, born between 1948 and 1964, whose work examines the ongoing conflict between past and present in Chile and the legacy of Chile’s military dictatorship... This sound and engaging study is an invaluable part of my personal library and will be an essential element of university-level courses I offer in the future.” – Professor Patrick L. O’Connell, University of Central Arkansas

“The important and scarcely studied texts included in the analysis display through a variety of symbolic images an outlook marked by skepticism and disillusionment towards the reality of Chilean post-dictatorial society. ... The literary “images of deception” of the narrative of the 90s show the troubled existence of other discourses and realities marked by their precariousness in a society that officially defines itself as modern and reconciled with its past.” - Prof. José Promis, University of Arizona

Table of Contents

1. The Splintered Mirror of Chilean Modernity in La ciudad anteriorby Gonzalo Contreras
2. Revisiting the Archive of History in “Desaparición de un comerciante” and Los años perdidos by Jaime Collyer
3. Postmodern Gestures in Nadie sabe más que los muertos by Ramón Díaz Eterovic
4. Memory of a Disaster: Silence and Resistance in Los vigilanteby Diamela Eltit
5. Massmediatic and Mcondian Narrative in Por favor, rebobinar by Alberto Fuguet
6. Imaginary of Deception in A tango abierto by Ana María del Río
7. Utopia and Dystopia in El contagio by Guadalupe Santa Cruz

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