Local and Parliamentary Politics in Liverpool From 1800 to 1911

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In the 19th century, Liverpool politics was dominated by one party. The Conservatives kept a tight grip on the people and used all the means at their disposal to keep the allegiance of those allowed to vote. It was a phenomenon not found in most other towns and cities of England and Wales, where Liberalism was able to win the allegiance of the new middle classes by the 1870s. This book shows clearly why Liverpool was different and outlines the factors that played an important part in the life of Liverpool and its politics.


“… Rees has written a work of great vitality and interest…. Long and loving descriptions of intriguing if unconnected events and politicians…. However, some of these accounts are so magnificent that the diversion is worth it. The description of the conservative candidate F. E. Smith’s Budget election campaign, with its use of ‘a dozen muscular longshoremen’ is one of the fines…. The use of popular ‘squibs’ as sources provide many insights to Liverpool’s tradition of rough and ready street politics.” – Parliamentary History

Table of Contents

Table of contents:


Introduction: Liberals and Conservatives in 19th Century Liverpool

1.The Birthplace of a Prime Minister

2.Bribery, Electioneering and Municipal Responsibilities

3.A Galaxy of Politicians: From Finch to the Fenians

4.A Mixed Bag of Socialists, Trade Unionists and others

5.Liverpool Politics in the 1890s

6.The Dawn of a New Century

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