Rees, D. Ben

About the author: Rev. Professor D. Ben Rees is a graduate of the University of Wales, University of Liverpool and the University of Salford. He edits the international magazine Reconciliation Quarterly and the community Welsh language newspaper for Lancashire. The Edwin Mellen Press published his book The Life and Work of Owen Thomas in 1991.

Cledwyn Hughes (1916-2001): A Biography of a Welsh Christian Socialist - hard cover
2022 1-4955-0946-X
From the author's Introduction:
"If any politician deserves a full biography, that person is Cledwyn Hughes, an enormously influential figure in Britain in the second half of the twentieth century."

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Life and Work of Owen Thomas 1812 - 1891: A Welsh Preacher in Liverpool
1991 0-7734-9710-2
This biography gives an interesting account of not only the Calvinistic Methodist minister and biographer but a detailed account of the religious life of Victorian Wales, the emphasis on preaching and the enthusiasm that surrounded the temperance, missionary, and allied movements. Dr. Rees has used the letters which Thomas' grandson Saunders Lewis had preserved to give a profound and interesting account of one of the most outstanding authorities on the history and development of Welsh preaching. This biography will introduce Dr. Owen Thomas to a wider circle of scholars who have not been able to appreciate his contribution as all his published works were in the Welsh language.

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Local and Parliamentary Politics in Liverpool From 1800 to 1911
1999 0-7734-7990-2
In the 19th century, Liverpool politics was dominated by one party. The Conservatives kept a tight grip on the people and used all the means at their disposal to keep the allegiance of those allowed to vote. It was a phenomenon not found in most other towns and cities of England and Wales, where Liberalism was able to win the allegiance of the new middle classes by the 1870s. This book shows clearly why Liverpool was different and outlines the factors that played an important part in the life of Liverpool and its politics.

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