Liszt the Progressive

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Each essay (presentations at the International Liszt Symposium in Stockholm, by leading scholars and specialists) illuminates aspects of the Symposium’s theme while encompassing Liszt’s evolutionary path from the late middles ages to us. Well-documented revelations about music, the other arts, Liszt’s circle, contemporary and modern historical, social, and political events, the parallel evolution of Liszt’s compositional reception and of the piano, all intertwine within each essay and among them.


“The present selection of . . . essays written by thirteen eminent scholars and complete with several musical examples, appendix and useful index, aptly introduced by the distinguished Canadian Liszt biographer Alan Walker, is a significant publication and a wonderful book to own. This eagerly awaited volume is a completely absorbing study of selected aspects of Liszt and his music that will enhance the bookshelf of scholar and general reader alike.” – William Wright

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Preface (Alan Walker)
Editors’ Preface
Opening Speech (Berit Lindholm)
Franz Liszt: An Autobiographical and Virtuosic Revolution (Ben Arnold)
Schubert’s and Liszt’s Friend and Poet: Franz von Schober (Mária Eckhardt)
Franz Liszt Feted in Belgium in 1881 by his Former Pupils Julius Zarebski, Johanna Wenzel, Anna Falk-Mehlig and Franz Servais (Malou Haine)
Liszt and French Romanticism: His Lieder on Poems by Victor Hugo and Alfred de Musset (Klára Hamburger)
Some Aspects of the Thematic Unity of Liszt’s B minor Sonata (Lennart Hedwall)
Liszt and Steinway (Geraldine Keeling)
Liszt, the Future’s Musician and Man (Dezsõ Legány)
Liszt and Senancour: Romantic Cult Heroes (Pauline Pocknell)
Liszt and the Traditions of the Keyboard Fantasy (Michael Saffle)
Liszt in Letters to Victor Schoelcher (Charles Suttoni)
The Truth in Masquerade: Images of Franz Liszt in the Movies (John C. Tibbets)
“Tradition” and “Progress” : Liszt’s First Melodrama Lenore (Gerhard J. Winkler)
Franz Liszt: Wagner’s Unwilling Muse (Philip Wults)
Appendix: A Selected List of Works of Franz Liszt; Index

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