Kagebeck, Hans

About the editors: Hans Kagebeck is a member of the board of the International Liszt Centre for 19th Century Music (ILC), and editor of the Liszt Nyheter. Johan Lagerfelt became vice-chairman of the ILC in 1986. In 1996 he chaired the Stockholm symposium, and in 1998, following the death of Lennart Rabes, he took over as chairman of the ILC.

Liszt the Progressive
2001 0-7734-7565-6
Each essay (presentations at the International Liszt Symposium in Stockholm, by leading scholars and specialists) illuminates aspects of the Symposium’s theme while encompassing Liszt’s evolutionary path from the late middles ages to us. Well-documented revelations about music, the other arts, Liszt’s circle, contemporary and modern historical, social, and political events, the parallel evolution of Liszt’s compositional reception and of the piano, all intertwine within each essay and among them.

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