Life of the English Poet Leonard Welsted (1688-1747) the Culture and Politics of Britain's Eighteenth-Century Literary Wars

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The first study on poet Leonard Welsted since Daniel Fineman’s work written in 1950. The book seeks to offer a more balanced account of Welsted’s career and his worth in light of new material that has come to light since Fineman wrote. A wonderfully written brief account of Welsted’s life that will capture the interest of eighteenth-century literary students and those interested in cultural politics.


“The eighteenth-century is, perhaps more than any other, replete with poets who enjoyed success, or at least reputation, in their day but are now unregarded. One such is Leonard Welsted, a poet of genuine talent if not genius, and determined to carve a career by his pen…A 21st century appreciation of these less-regarded poets requires expert academic research and editing, from resolving the complexities of eighteenth-century publishing to establishing reliable attribution and guiding the reader both through the texts of the work and the lives of the poets themselves. To this Professor Sambrook brings expertise, rigorous research and long experience of the study of eighteenth-century poets, from luminaries such as Pope and Swift to what are now seen as lesser figures, despite often enjoying high and enduring reputation in their day…This book brings Welsted to life with sympathy and sensitivity…”
-Professor Emeritus William R. Jones,
University of Newcastle

Peer Review(s): “The quotations from Welsted and from contemporaries are very full and valuable for students seeking to gain a rounded picture of this vigorous and, at times, dangerous period of English intellectual and political life. The scholarly bibliography and detailed supporting footnotes are exemplary.”
-Professor John Wyatt,
University of Chichester

“…this capacious study marshals the considerable scholarship on Grub Street, Whiggish culture, and literary patronage produced since 1950 when Daniel Fineman’s biography appeared…What emerges is a detailed account of a Whig gentleman who enjoyed a more satisfying career than that implied by the Dunciad’s cartoon of a hopelessly uninspired writer…this book’s greatest contribution is its vivid depiction of Pope’s predatory career as an overall context for Welsted’s modest literary achievements…
Succinct, eloquent, and admirably lucid, this book is a pleasure from beginning to end; and it will be required reading for any course on Pope and his contemporaries.”
-Professor Emeritus John Dussinger,
University of Illinois

Table of Contents

Foreword by William R. Jones
Chapter 1 Youth, Harley, and Longinus: 1688-1712 Chapter 2 Steele, Ambrose Philips, and other Hanoverians: 1712-23
Chapter 3 A place, Epistles, Odes, &c., theatre work, and Horace: 1724-27
Chapter 4 At war with Pope: 1728-33
Chapter 5 Last years: 1733-47: and later

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