Life and Writings of Francis Makemie, Father of American Presbyterianism (c. 1658-1708)

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Reproduced here are all five of Makemie's published writings together with all his known correspondence, preceded by a biography which details his active and colorful life. This study provides an invaluable tool for understanding the genesis of one of America's major denominational traditions.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:


The Life of Francis Makemie

1.Makemie's Publications: An Answer to George Keith's Libel (theological debate); Truths in a True Light (ecumenical appeal) ; A Plain and Friendly Perswasive (commercial writing); A Good Conversation (sermon); A Narrative of a New and Unusual American Imprisonment (legal defence)

2.Makemie's Letters

3.Additional Source Material: Minutes of the Presbytery of Laggan referring to Makemie; Deed to Makemie for land purchased in Virginia, 8 June 1698; Permission for Makemie to preach in Virginia, 29 April 1699;Petition of Makemie and others to the Governor of Virginia regarding tobacco trade, 2 November 1705; Cornbury's letter to the Lords of Trade; 14 October 1707; Makemie's Last Will and Testament; Inventory of Makemie's possessions

Bibliography, Index

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