Jubilate, Amen! A Festschrift in Honor of Donald Paul Hustad

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"Hustad's work is recounted in this "Festschrift" in a biography and catalogue of works, and in appreciative recollections. It is paralleled in diverse essays, in more-formal studies, and in hymn texts and tunes. All were given to honor the personal and professional links forged by Hustad through a long career." -Paul A. Richardson and Tim Sharp (from the Preface)

This edited volume was originally published by Pendragon Press in 2010.
This edited collection was originally published by Pendragon Press in 2010.

Table of Contents

Biography and Bibliography
Articles and Essays
The Critical Condition of Church Music Ministry: A Medical Analogy for Diagnosis, Treatment, and Sustained Health
Thomas W. Bolton
Transcending Plainness: Inner Logic and Composing Through in 88.88.88 Tunes
William Clemmons
Yattendon Revisited: Robert Bridges' Theory and Practice of Congregational Song
Carl P. Daw, Jr.
The Professor Who Was Not Forgotten: Frank Lincoln Eyer (1868-1932)
Pamela R. Dennis
Music in Missions: An African Addendum
C. Michael Hawn
Hymns Noticed and Half-noticed: An Unfinished Composition in Three Chords
Christopher M. Idle
Re-Visioning Worship: Discerning a Path through the Minefield of Change
Deborah Carlton Loftis
To and Fro with Cwm Rhondda
Alan Luff
"The Young Convert's Companion" (1806), "The Boston Collection of Sacred and Devotional Hymns" (1808), and
Oliver Holden
David W. Music
The Magnificat in Worship and in Concert
Bert Polman
Worship: Mind "versus" Heart, or Mind "and" Heart?
Milburn Price
Interconfessionalism and Church Music in Germany and Austria from ca. 1530 to 1545: The Chorale Motets and
Polemical Works of Arnold von Bruck and Stephan Mahu
J. Michael Raley
The Poteats: Baptists, Liberals, and Church Musicians
Paul A. Richardson
Proclamation and Praise: Some Thoughts on Music and the Church's Song
Carl Schalk
The German Songbook in Colonial America
Tim Sharp
The Church's Music in the Church-Related College
Paul Westermeyer
"You Can't Make Money Out of Me": The Scopes Trial Songs
Mel R. Wilhoit
Forging an Old Hymn Anew
Brian Wren

Austin C. Lovelace
When We Long to Know God's Presence
Carl P. Daw, Jr.
Lexington Road
William Bradley Roberts
Let Us Magnify, Magnify, God the Almighty
Michael Saward
Jubilate II
Ronald A. Turner
In Christ Is All I Need
Timothy Dudley-Smith
Donald P. Hustad

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