Journey to Beijing

An emotional and spiritual journey through the past decade in China, through the legacy of the cultural Revolution, the capitalist greed and optimism of the mid-eighties, to the traumatic events at Tiananmen.


"This physically beautiful volume, with textured cover, ivory text and navy endsheets, chronicles LeMaster's time in China. . . . the book gathers emotional momentum as the poet returns again and again to know his scene in a way no tourist can ever penetrate. . . .The book has a certain uniqueness in this age of confessional, domestic verse. The poet's persona is prominent as ever-present observer, but what he observes - ancient life and the yearning for freedom - distances the volume from the current plethora of highly subjective poetry." - Jan Seale in The Texas Writer's Newsletter

". . . these lines remove the observer and make of the reader a participant in the Chinese experience. The past is always present, and the present is fraught with dreams for the future, but always in a cyclical pattern. . . .And like the "ambling stream" -- "Never the same water" -- LeMaster's China moves from the glory that was Peking to the brutality of Chairman Mao's Red Guard and finally to the June 4 massacre. LeMaster thus brings about a consummation of politics, social history, and art." - Journal of the American Studies Association of Texas

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