Italian Theatre of the Late Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries

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This collection provides an introduction to each play and its author, clarifying its place in today’s Italian culture. [The author’s] selection of both older and younger playwrights introduces the reader to writers who have been, until now, little-known outside Italy.


“It is to hoped that this fresh volume of plays represents the first of many to serve English readers, particularly those intrigued by the art and culture of modern Italy, as conduits for the distinctive dramatic voices that have emerged and are emerging still from this variegated Mediterranean nation, and that it will inspire productions and further exploration…”-Prof. Jane House “Professor Street is to be congratulated on an immense translation undertaking, one that has been well executed and promises success.”-Prof. Mimi Gisolfi D’Aponte, Baruch College & CUNY Graduate Center

“The text proposed here are important as they reflect concerns and expressions of life culled from a recent reality: their availability in English would open up vast new perspectives and forms of comparison to a much wider audience as well as reading public.”-Prof. Michael Vena

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Happy Family, by Alessandro Genovesi

The Hero's Wife, by Stefano Benni

Sherlock the Bartender, by Stefano Benni

Trial of the White Rose, by Aldo Fiorenza

Stadelmann, by Claudio Magris

The Abduction of Francesca, by Dario Fo

Salesmen, by Edoardo Erba

The Interview, by Natalia Ginzburg

Mayer's Third Wife, by Dacia Maraini

Works Cited and Summary Bibliography

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