Critical Edition of the Medieval Play Mankind

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This edition marks the first time that Mankind has been deemed worthy of a full critical examination. It lays to rest the contention that the play is obscene and crude. The evidence presented in the critical introduction, the body of the play itself, and the opinions of current scholars demonstrate that Mankind, more than any other medieval drama, is a link to the Renaissance drama immediately following. With its intricate, well-developed metrical scheme and moral and philosophical themes, it represents an artistic achievement beyond that found in the typical drama of the Middle Ages. Its occasional humor as well as its high seriousness provide a happy combination of both wit and morality.


" . . . the text is supported by the usual apparatus, a thorough glossary, and ample notes. As significant as the thorough preparation of the text is the fact that the editors have correctly signaled the importance of Mankind by producing the first "stand-alone" edition of the play, thus avoiding often misleading comparisons. . . . this edition calls special attention to an important but frequently misunderstood and neglected play and provides strong evidence for a better appreciation of that play." - Dr. Thomas Napierkowski

". . . this edition with both its excellent introductory sections and text reintroduces the reader to a wonderful and important piece of late medieval drama. . . . The text of the play itself is a delight to encounter, retaining the original spelling and a helpful use of individual line numbering and footnoting. . . . . Both students and scholars will find this text exceptionally informative as well as enjoyable and will gain both knowledge and a welcome understanding of this medieval drama. . . . I would use and certainly recommend this edition for both graduate and undergraduate classes." -- Dr. Roberta Lynn Staples

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