Italian Dream. The Italians of Queens Park, New York City

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This work analyzes the ethnic revival of the 60's and 70's, socioeconomic changes which occurred in Italy and the USA and how they affected the Italian community. Combines "macro" analysis of the social structure and "micro" analysis of personal attitudes with chapters on the community, labor market, the family. Also describes the strategies used to succeed in the United States.


". . . a very informative, intelligent, and multi-layered description of the Italians who have lived and/or live in the county of Queens, the New York City borough. Although one might be led to believe The Italian Dream is of interest only to specilaists, this is not the case with Fortuna's book, which besides being an exemplum of how good sociological research is done, plucks the chords of the title image throughout. Proof of data abounds, and references are extensive (which make it useful, also, as a bibliographic source on the topic). . . . providing us, early in Chapter II, with an accurate and synthetic historical reconstruction of Italian history in the 19th century, the relationship between migration, North-South dynamics, class struggles, and what was going on during those same years on this side of the Atlantic." - Differentia, Review of Italian Thought
"Non è errato affermare che a quest'opera cisi dovrà rifare per tutti gli studi futuri." - America Oggi

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