Issues of Sovereignty, Strategy and Security in the Economic Community of West African States ( ECOWAS ) Intervention in the Liberian Civil War

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Using the ECOWAS experience in Liberia, the book analyses the strengths and weaknesses of regional intervention in internal wars. It convincingly argues that in conditions of state collapse sovereignty cannot be invoked; that economic, political and military issues must be addressed for any successful regional intervention; and that security outcomes of an intervention help to judge its success or failure.


“… an excellent contribution to African studies covering as it does the tumultuous years of the Liberian experience and providing a comprehensive history of the ECOWAS intervention in that country…. Contributes intelligently to the debate on such key themes as civil conflict, intervention, sovereignty, strategy and security. It also provides a critical insight into the origins of the Liberian conflict. Students, academics as well as policy-makers will find the book useful.” – Dr. Mohamed Suliman, Chair, Institute For Africa Alternatives Council

“Thomas Jaye has produced a most insightful account of the Liberian civil war and how West African leaders tried to deal with this protracted war that threatened to engulf the whole sub-region… well-researched and well-written. In my view, this book is compulsory reading for policy makers, peacekeepers and the battery of NGOs now increasingly displacing the African state.” – Prof. Alfred B. Zack-Williams, University of Central Lancashire

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Foreword; Preface; Introduction
1. Sovereignty, Strategy and Security: Key Themes in Intervention
2. The Liberian Civil War: A Historical Background
3. The Outbreak of the Civil War and the Collapse of the Liberian State
4. ECOWAS: Its Origins, Politics and Initial Peace Efforts
5. OAU, UN and ECOWAS: Peace Efforts from July 1993 to July 1997
6. Sovereignty, Strategy and Security: A Critical Appraisal of ECOWAS Intervention in Liberia
7. ECOWAS Intervention: Implications for Regional Intervention in Sub-Saharan Africa
Bibliography; Index

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