African Christian Theology the Quest for Self-Hood

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This study represents attempts on the part of African Christians to `own' their theological reflection, rather than borrow it from others. This means taking seriously their African heritage. It examines the theological quest in the broader context of political, educational, literary, and religious factors in sub-Saharan Africa. Other chapters are devoted to Zaire, and specifically to three contrasting styles of theological reflection: the academic and literary one; the area of `oral theology' illustrated by the `inspired' hymns of the Kimbanguist Church; and an experiment in Protestant contextual theologizing in seminars designed to effect an interaction between the gospel and contextual issues. From this total theological picture, the conclusion draws implications for theology itself, for theological education, and for theological educators in Africa today.


“Molyneux’s unique contribution to the discussion is in provided a descriptive evaluation of the actual practice of theology in three different communities through three quite different ‘media’ (publications program, hymnic program, reflective pastoral seminars), all within one African nation. . . . Molyneux’s work could perhaps be placed among the most important books on African theology in the 1990s, since it illustrates and suggests a whole new genre for studies attending to theology in Africa, one that turns attention to the processes of theological expression in African Christian communities.” – Evangelical Missions Quarterly

"This book details the process, or rather processes, by which ACT has come about, and continues to be done at both academic and grass-roots level. It thus provides a healthy corrective to studies which stress that ACT be done at the academic level only. . . . Molyneux's reflections on the predominately oral nature of much African theology, and the different demands this makes on academic analysis, especially by Western scholars, are, for my money, worth the purchase price alone. . . . This work is accessible and clearly written, contains a wealth of information from written and oral sources, and should be part of any library dealing with cross-cultural theology, African theology and research methodology." - Theological Book Review

Table of Contents




Author's Preface



Chapter 1: African Christian Theology: The Quest for Self-Hood

Chapter 2: Faith Seeking (published) Understanding: The Contribution of the 'Faculte de Theologie Catholique de Kinshasa'

Chapter 3: The Oral Dimension: The Place and Function of Hymns in the Kimbanguist Church (EJCSK)

Chapter 4: In Search of Theology to Live By: 'Gospel and Culture Seminars' - An Experiment in Contextual Theologizing in North-East Zaire




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