Introduction to the Philosophic Works of F. S. C. Northrop

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This volume presents an analysis of all the major works by F. S. C. Northrop, an outstanding thinker, teacher, scholar, and author of nine books and a list of articles and book reviews that fill a 16 page bibliography. It reveals the breadth of his mind by showing the progression from his first book on the philosophy of science, to subsequent books on logic, East-West philosophy, political science, sociological jurisprudence, philosophical anthropology, legal and and ethical philosophy, etc.. Northrop had original things to say about symbolic logic, art, jurisprudence, the is-ought problem, philosophy of language, theology, history of philosophy, mathematics, science, world peace, anthropology, cybernetics, neurophysiology, religions of the world, and even baseball.


"Seddon's book is a much needed appreciative introduction to an American philosopher who, in his time, was dedicated to the practical employment of his technical expertise in the history of philosophy, logic, and the philosophy of science, to the solution of the ideological conflicts that remain the most obdurate obstacles to a new world order, even after the collapse of the Soviet Union." - Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society: A Quarterly Journal in American Philosophy

"Fred Seddon has performed yeoman's service by giving his readers a systematic and unified picture of Northrop's wide-ranging writings and done a magnificent job in presenting a remarkably acute and clear exposition of Northrop's thought." -- Dr. Irving Anellis

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