Coalition Diaries and Letters of H. A. L. Fisher, 1916-1922. Vol. 1

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Awarded the Adele Mellen Prize for Distinguished Contribution to Scholarship

H.A.L. Fisher was the only professional historian to sit in the British Cabinet and was a member of the first genuine coalition in modern British history. He was an academic who recorded the great events in history, and his diaries and letters attest to his remarkable career as an educator, public servant, and scholar.


“The wealth of historical material in these volumes is astonishing ... Dr. Russell’s introduction gives a fascinating survey of Fisher’s life and opinions ... These volumes transcend the diary of a single individual to become a source book for the British conduct of the First World War, and the struggle to create a just peace once the war ended.” – Sir Martin Gilbert, Honorary Fellow, Merton College, Oxford

Table of Contents

Volume I:
List of Photographs
Jackson, Fisher and Ilbert Family Trees
Preface by Sir Martin Gilbert
Common Names
1. Introduction
2. 1916 with Appendices
3. 1917 with Appendices
4. 1918 with Appendices

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