Interviews with Sixteen Band Directors at Historically Black Colleges: Their Attitudes, Opinions, and Methods

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Examines through candid interviews the lives of 16 important African-American college band directors. Many of their varied experiences reveal organizational skills, interactions with colleagues and students, and their general understanding of the profession as it exists for them.


"The interviews are intriguing and enlightening. . . . Henry Adams states:
A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops. Adams does not exclude the African-American teacher in these thoughts. Our young teachers need the direction and leadership provided by mentors of all types. As a long-time educator in the public schools of a struggling state with a significant African-American population, I find Dr. Ware’s work to be a most worthwhile contribution to the body of literature in our teacher training institutions.”
- Prof. Thomas V. Fraschillo, University of Southern Mississippi

Table of Contents

Foreword by Dr. Thomas Fraschillo
1. Review of Related Literature Interviews with Band Directors
2. Timothy Chambers
3. Alfred L. Davis, Jr.
4. John Graham, Jr.
5. Edward L. Graves
6. Lawrence Jackson
7. Harold Jeffreys
8. Lewis Liddell, Sr.
9. Michael Magruder
10. Melvin Miles
11. James B. Oliver
12. Larry J. Pannell
13. Jorim E. Reed
14. O’Neill Sanford
15. Donovan V. Wells
16. Arthur B. Wesley, II
17. Julian E. White
Appendix A – Letter of Participation Inquiry
Appendix B – Oral Consent Form
Appendix C – Interview Questions

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