Interest Groups and Lobbying in Europe: Essays on Trade, Environment, Legislation, and Economic Development

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This collection of original research on interest groups and lobbying around the world offers the most wide-ranging set of scholarly analyses of organized interest behavior available to date. While there is an enormous amount of research already available on groups in the American political process, and a smaller though still sizeable body dealing with interest representation in the other Western democracies, this collection provides scholars with perspectives on an unprecedented range of nations.


“The originality of this project stands out: it is to take readers into a wider range of lobbying locations than any other work to date. . . It will be a standard, international text on lobbying and interest groups for years to come.” – Prof. Kevin Moloney, Bournemouth University

“. . . introduces the reader to the hitherto under-researched area of interest group politics in Eastern Europe as well as providing several excellent studies of the EU and major Western European nations.” – Prof. Ian Somerville, University of Ulster

“. . . adds enormously to our understanding of organised interests and the ways in which their relations with government are structured.” – Prof. Phil Harris, University of Chester

Table of Contents

Foreword by Dr. Kevin Moloney
Introduction – Conor McGrath
Part I: Western Europe
1. Lobbying the EU: Between Strengthening Legitimacy and Increasing Transparency – Valeria Marziali
2. From Opacity to Transparency?: The Place of Organized Interests within the European Institutions – Didier Chabanet
3. Access, Influence and Accountability: Regulating Lobbying in the UK – Conor McGrath
4. The Europeanization of Professional Interest Intermediation: National Trade Associations in a French-German Comparison – Christine Quittkat
5. Welfare Lobbyists in Europe: The German Case – Katrin Toens
6. We All Need Friends: Elite Alliances and the Activity Choices of Environmental Groups in the United Kingdom, France and Germany – Lori Poloni-Staudlinger
7. Corporatism or Lobbyism Behind Dutch Dikes?: Interest Representation in the Netherlands – Caelesta Poppelars
Part II: Eastern Europe
8. The Problems of Developing Interest Group Politics in Post-Communist Eastern Europe: Learning from Lithuania – Ronald J. Hrebenar, Clive S. Thomas, Courtney H. McBeth and Bryson B. Morgan
9. Interest Groups in Russia’s Economic Transformation – Lynn D. Nelson and Irina Y. Kuzes
10. Business Representation in Eastern Europe: The Failure of Corporatism? – Dnissa S. Duvanova
11. The Changing Environment for Interest Representation and Lobbying in Croatia – Igor Vida?ak
12. Interests and Patterns of Participation: Secondary Legislation Drafting in Estonia – Annika Uudelepp
Series Contents

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