INTEREST GROUPS AND LOBBYING IN LATIN AMERICA, AFRICA, THE MIDDLE EAST, AND ASIA: Essays on Drug Trafficking, Chemical Manufacture, Exchange Rates, and Women’s Interests

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This collection of original research on interest groups and lobbying around the world offers the most wide-ranging set of scholarly analyses of organized interest behavior available to date. While there is an enormous amount of research already available on groups in the American political process, and a smaller though still sizeable body dealing with interest representation in the other Western democracies, this collection provides scholars with perspectives on an unprecedented range of nations.


“The originality of this project stands out: it is to take readers into a wider range of lobbying locations than any other work to date. . . It will be a standard, international text on lobbying and interest groups for years to come.” – Prof. Kevin Moloney, Bournemouth University

“. . . the most innovative in that other currently available texts contain very little information, let alone empirical research and analysis, on the nations and regions included here.” – Prof. Ian Somerville, University of Ulster

“. . . adds enormously to our understanding of organised interests and the ways in which their relations with government are structured.” – Prof. Phil Harris, University of Chester

Table of Contents

Foreword by Dr Kevin Moloney
Introduction – Conor McGrath
Part I: Latin America
1. Understanding the Development of Latin American Interest Groups – Clive S. Thomas
2. The Regionalization of Organized Business Interests in the Mercosur: The Case of the Chemical Industry – Marc Schelhase
3. The Political Rise, Development, and Fall of the Medellin Drug Trafficking Organizations: An Illicit Interest Group Analysis – Patricia H. Micolta
4. Joining Forces: Civil Society Alliances and Policy Influence in Argentina and Chile – Amy Risley
5. Special Interests in Action: The Unión Industrial Argentina and the Exit from the Convertibility Regime – Annika Bolten
Part II: Africa and the Middle East
6. Public Interest Group Behavior in Tanzania - Ginger L. Elliott-Teague
7. The South African Women’s Movement: A Movement or Not? – Amanda Gouws
8. The Politics of State-Business Relationships in Malawi – Adrian Leftwich and Henry Chingaipe
9. Interest Group Strategies: An Institutional View from Israel – Yael Yishai
10. Mobilizing Interests in Iran: Press Activism and Interest Group Mobilization during the Civil Society Debate (1997-2004) – Stephen Poulson
Part III: Asia-Pacific
11. MNC – Government Relations and the Corporate Political Strategies of MNCs in China’s Era of Marketization – Yi-Ru Regina Chen
12. The Process of Organizational Evolution: The Emergence of Business Associations in Contemporary China – Kenneth W. Foster
13. Interest Groups in Macao: From Corporatism to Cronyism – Bill K.P. Chou
14. Japanese Business Lobbying at Home and Abroad – Yukihiko Hamada
15. Interest Groups, Political Parties and Lobbying in Australia – John Warhurst
Series Contents

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