Inequality and Difference in Hispanic and Latin American Cultures: Critical Theoretical Approaches

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These essays present a balance of theory and practice, of literary and cultural criticism, of gender, race, aesthetic, colonial and political issues. Distinguished critics from the realms of sociology, politics, cultural studies, women's writing, literature, translation and critical theory focus attention on Judaeo-Hispanic, Portuguese, Afro-Caribbean, Andean, Brazilian, and other cultural texts, in an attempt to locate the inequalities and the differences involved in the making of cultural labels. The collection arises from the international Inequality/Theory conference held at the Graduate School of Critical Theory in the University of Nottingham in July 1992.


"In this perspective, the ample spectrum of Hispanic and Latin-American issues and the tension between speculation and practice provide the present volume with a stimulating and varied outlook on contemporary academic reflections about the discursive nature of otherness in its literary, sociological and philosophical ramifications." - Tesserae: Journal of Iberian and Latin-American Studies

“. . . this volume is a stimulating collection of articles that, despite presenting different degrees of sensitivity to and knowledge of the cultures studied. . . gives the reader a flavour of some of the most interesting challenges towards which academics of Hispanic and Latin American cultures are presently directing their attention.” – Bulletin of Hispanic Studies

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