Huron-English / English-Huron Dictionary, with Special Attention to Verb and Noun Roots

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This work is the first comprehensive dictionary of the Huron or Wendat language written in over 250 years. It is fundamentally derived from the lexicographic work of French Jesuits during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. It follows these dictionaries in having the verb and noun roots of the Huron-English section ordered through the five conjugations of pronominal prefixes characteristic of Northern Iroquoian languages.


“It is standard form - almost cliché - in praising academic writing to say that a new work ‘makes an important contribution to the scholarly literature.’ In the case of John Steckley’s Huron dictionary, however, it would be an understatement to make such a claim. In fact, he makes a uniquely valuable contribution to the field of linguistics, to anthropology and to Native American Studies.” - Dr. Bryan Commins, McMaster University

“This work is the first extensive Wendat dictionary published since Gabriel Sagard’s Dictionaire de la langve hvronne in 1632, and the first since the loss of the last fluent speakers. It combines in one easily accessible and legible volume the contents of nine manuscript dictionaries which, although occasionally legible, are certainly not accessible.” - Craig Kopris

Table of Contents

Huron to English
a- conjugation
consonant stem conjugation
e- conjugation
? en-/i- conjugation
o- conjugation
English to Huron

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