How to Spot the Sociopaths on Your Faculty: A Guidebook for School Administrators

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This book examines bullying in academia. It focuses on the abuse of teachers above and beyond the normal interpersonal conflicts that occur in the workplace. It exposes those workplace individuals who operate with serious personality disorders and who orchestrate deliberate and pointed attacks against other teaching professionals targeting their victim for academic removal.


“The scholarly study of adult bullying and of institutional mobbing began in Europe during the 1980s. At that time, Professor Heinz Leyman published his study of the reasons why nurses commit suicide… This book contains a brief summary of the research that Professor Popp has developed. It includes not only his theoretical findings, but also his practical counsel on how persons responsible for employing and supervising faculty should deal with the “silent killers in our midst.”
-Professor Herbert Richardson,
Harvard, Tübingen, Toronto, Wales

Table of Contents

The Problem of Teacher Abuse by Other Teachers and Administrators
Sociopathy: The Explanation of Teacher Abuse
Four Types of Teachers
The Motives of Abusive Educators
Targeted Teachers
How to Lower Social-Status and prune Friendships
The Role of Administrators in Abusing Teachers
How to Identify the Sociopaths Among Us
What is the Next Step?

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