How British Women Writers Transformed the Campus Novel

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A study that critically examines the representation of female intellectuals in twentieth century British literature “campus novel”.


“… [the author] provides a riveting psychoanalytic and cultural account of one aspect of this vastly important subject. She makes a compelling case for the significance of understanding fictional representations of women academics in twentieth century British literature.” – Prof. E. Lisa Panayotidis University of Calgary

“… [the author] blends Feminist theory with psychoanalytical, poststructural, sociological, and historical lenses to create a methodology that is truly interdisciplinary and innovative. ” – Prof. Robin DeRosa Plymouth State University

“[The author]’s examination of the systematic discrimination of women in education and the psychological ramifications of that prejudice make for an insightful Feminist analysis of 20th century British literature.” – Prof. Scott Hermanson Arizona State University

Table of Contents

Foreword by E. Lisa Panayotidis



Chapter 1: Adeline’s (Bankrupt) Education Fund: Woolf, Women, and Education

Chapter 2: Virginia Woolf’s Night and Day: An Academic Exercise?

Chapter 3: Between Women: Dorothy L. Sanders’ Gaudy Night

Chapter 4: “All I Had to Sacrifice was interest in Love”: The Scholar as (M)other in Margaret Drabble’s The Millstone

Chapter 5: “Outside the Natural Order”: Anita Brookner’s Academic Women

Chapter 6: “Strayed Words on Crumpled Paper”: Knowledge, Love, and Identity in Jeanette Winterson’s Gut Symmetries



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