History of the Greeks in Kentucky - 1900-1950: The Early Pioneers of Louisville Volume 1

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This book is a contribution to the area of Modern Greek and ethnic studies in general. It is an original and important piece of research relating to the early twentieth century Greek experience in Kentucky, the South, and the United States as a whole. Only a very few ethnic publications have been published locally, mostly on the Germans and Jews. The south as a whole has been ignored in research due to the small number of immigrants, and their assumed total assimilation.

Table of Contents

Table of contents (main headings):
Introduction – Greeks Coming to America (Galveston, Tarpon Springs, Mobile, Louisville)
1. First Period – Before 1890
2. Well-Known People: Gianacakes – Marineris- Thodis
3. More Greek Pioneers
4. Church
5. HEPA: Maniatis/Chebithes/Mike Callas
6. AHEPA History
7. People – More Greeks
8. Era of Consolidation – Second Generation – Americanization – WWII – Organizations
9. People – 1940s
10. Well-Known Greeks
11. Conclusion; Future
Bibliography: Index

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