Stephanides, Marios Christou

About the author: Dr. Stephanides is from Cyprus and received his Ph.D. at Wayne State University. He has taught sociology at Wayne State, Michigan Tech, Middle Tennessee State, University of Louisville, Spalding University, University of Tampa, St. Petersburg College. He is currently retired in Tampa, FL. He has published a book and a number of articles on the Greeks in Detroit, St. Louis, and Louisville, Kentucky.

History of the Greeks in Kentucky - 1900-1950: The Early Pioneers of Louisville Volume 1
2001 0-7734-7423-4
This book is a contribution to the area of Modern Greek and ethnic studies in general. It is an original and important piece of research relating to the early twentieth century Greek experience in Kentucky, the South, and the United States as a whole. Only a very few ethnic publications have been published locally, mostly on the Germans and Jews. The south as a whole has been ignored in research due to the small number of immigrants, and their assumed total assimilation.

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The History of the Greeks in Kentucky, 1950-2000+: Volume II--First, Second and Third Generations
2022 1-4955-0975-3
From the Preface, by John Kleber:
Marios Stephanides presents us with a small beautiful piece of a mosaic for which his Greek ancestors are so renowned. The piece is a detailed history of one ethnic group that settled at the Falls of the Ohio River in Louisville, Kentucky. When combined with the histories of other peoples, it presents a grand mosaic of a city rich in ethnic diversity.As the editor of the Encyclopedia of Louisville, I discovered that only a few of the city's immigrant groups have been fortunate enough to have someone who combined the interest, the ancestry, and the ability to give us a written history, and so the mosaic has many pieces missing. However, thanks to Professor Stephanides there is one less missing piece, and from now on Louisvillians will know the story of their ancestors.

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