History of the Charismatic Movement in Britain and the United States of America. The Pentecostal Transformation of Christianity

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This extensive volume examines Neo-Pentecostalism’s significance in the Western cultural context and brings a comparative account of neo-Pentecostalism in the USA and Britain. Although primarily sociological in emphasis, the volume also offers deep historical analysis and theological reflection.


“[This] work in the field of Revivalism offers a compelling range of studies – fieldwork, reflective studies, ethnographic sketches and sociological analysis – that illuminates the varieties and vagaries of an intensely interesting and demanding subject. It will be a vital companion for all those who want to gain some understanding of how an emerging and fresh religious ‘tradition’ is faring within the twenty-first century.” – Prof. Martyn Percy, Ripon College

“This is an extraordinarily comprehensive book that fills a real gap in the ever increasing literature on Pentecostalism. The author writes with sympathy and remarkable insight, especially as he is an outsider to his subject. Although the primary focus is sociological, the study is replete with historical and theological material that will appeal to a wide reading audience. This is both a wide and deep book that will set a standard for years to come.” – Prof. Allan Anderson, University of Birmingham

“[This work] is a welcome addition to the growing literature on the Charismatic Movement (known at first as “Neo-Pentecostalism”). With emphasis on Britain and the United States, this book is extensively documented and well written. Every serious student of Pentecostalism should have it on his/her bookshelf.” – Prof. Vinson Synan, Regent University

"There is much to be grateful for in this historical and sociological analysis. Hunt has made a significant contribution to scholarship and this book needs to be digested by academics in the field. He should be congratulated for his endeavour. It is a study in the Weberian tradition and it is understandable that the routinzation of charisma as an analytical lens dominates this study. In fact, it could be said that it is a case study in charisma and routinzation, and this kind of material appears to fit the theory perfectly." -- Prof. Mark J. Cartledge, University of Birmingham

Table of Contents

Foreword Professor Martyn Percy
The Growth of Pentecostal and Charismatic Christianity
2. Charismatic Christianity: A Precursory Appraisal Mapping the Contours of Neo-Pentecostalism
3. The Religious Cultures of the USA and Britain
Summary PART II
4. ‘Classical’ Pentecostalism and Its Legacy Pentecostalism: The Old and the New
5. Denominational Charismatic Renewal: Origins and Developments
6. Denominational Charismatic Renewal: Apogee and Decline
7. The Charismatic Movement: The Context of Transformation
8. Neo-Pentecostalism in the USA: ‘Movements, Churches and Independent Ministries
9. The Kingdom Building of British Restorationism
10. ‘Signs and Wonders’ and the Theme of ‘Power’ Power and Marginality
11. The Gospel of Health and Wealth: The Spiritual and the Temporal The Faith Ministries in Context
12. ‘At the Cutting Edge’: The Rise of the Prophetic New Departures
13. All Roads Lead to Toronto: The Toronto Blessing
14. The Afterglow of Revival
15. The Enemy at the Gates: Moral and Political Campaigns
16. The Forgotten Country: The ‘Black Churches Early Black Churches in the United States
17. Conclusion and Future Prospects

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