Born-again Politics and the Moral Majoritywhat Social Surveys Really Show

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Examines the extent of support for the Moral Majority and this movement's potential for translating Moral Majority sentiments into significant political activity. Includes two surveys from the Dallas_Ft. Worth area, a center of religious and political conservatism that is often considered a stronghold of the Moral Majority.


"This is the first book to appear using social science methods to study the moral majority. . . . clearly written . . . . a readable assessment of the moral majority that helps us put this movement into perspective." - Journal of the American Academy of Religion

". . . usefully confirms what others have shown . . . ." - Contemporary Sociology

". . . Shupe and Stacey succeed in putting a pin in the Christian right's self-inflated balloon of wide-spread popular support and consensus." - Journal of Church and State

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