Shupe, Anson D. Jr.

Born-again Politics and the Moral Majoritywhat Social Surveys Really Show
1982 0-88946-919-9
Examines the extent of support for the Moral Majority and this movement's potential for translating Moral Majority sentiments into significant political activity. Includes two surveys from the Dallas_Ft. Worth area, a center of religious and political conservatism that is often considered a stronghold of the Moral Majority.

Price: $119.95

Metaphors of Social Control in a Pentecostal Sect
1984 0-88946-870-2

Price: $129.95

Six Perspectives on New Religions a Case Study Approach
1981 0-88946-983-0

Price: $179.95

Wealth and Power in American Zion
1992 0-7734-9549-5
This is an updated reprint of a minor classic in the socio-politics of religion, The Mormon Corporate Empire (by John Heinerman and Anson Shupe). This commercially successful (but scholarly respectable) exposé blends sociological analysis with investigative journalism and demonstrates: (1) that those who investigate the underbelly of large American religions will not only find "muck" but likely experience derision and even persecution; and (2) that no religion in American society, as a protected institution, can expect or ultimately receive sacrosanct status that exempts it from public accountability. This book provides a factual update on that power as well as the consequences for those who attempt to penetrate its closely-shielded subculture. The LDS Church is not simply another American denomination, and this book shows why.

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