Hestia - Goddess of the Hearth: The Archetypal, Architectural, and Spiritual Functions of the Hearth as Home of the Human Soul

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This book honors Hestia, the goddess of the hearth. It fills the gaping void in exclusive scholarship on Hestia and explores her as a pop culture icon in a quest to grasp her relevance for people today. Thinking about Hestia as an archetype of focus and centeredness may offer soulful refuge from the e-chatter overload that people face in their daily lives. It may help fulfill contemporary yearnings for authenticity and wholeness within human hearts and souls by offering us a path homeward, back to connections with people’s inner selves.


“Hestia, the Greek goddess of the hearth, was responsible for keeping candles lit in every home and community in ancient Greece. Dr. Rich brings Hestia into focus in ways that inspire readers to disengage from the homepage in order to reconnect with their friends, family, and inner selves. Further, her work highlights the value of retreating to sacred spaces to tune out noises and daily pressures in order to tune into their body rhythms and intentions…she explores the goddess in ways that make her relevant today.”
-Dr. Elizabeth Terzian,
Pacifica Graduate Institute

Table of Contents

Author’s preface
Foreword by Elizabeth Terzian
Acknowledgements and Appreciation
Chapter 1.
Introducing Hestia
Hestia Within
Hestia’s Relevance
Finding Sacred Spaces
Discussion Overview
Reimagining Hestia
Mythopoetic Grounding
The Book’s Road Map
Chapter 2. Mythic Hestia
Homer’s Hestia
Hestia in Ancient Greece
Hestia’s Many Faces
Hestia’s Impact on Pop Culture
Chapter 3. Archetypal Hestia
Archetypes: Active in Our Lives
Archetypes: Carl Gustav Jung
Mythology: Joseph Campbell
Archetypal Psychology: James Hillman
Myth and Archetypes: Campbell and Hillman
Hestia’s Archetype
Hestia’s Sacred Fire
Hestia: Sacred Spaces
Chapter 4. Architectural Hestia
The Hearth’s Structure
The Hearth’s History
Hearth’s Today
Changing Hearths
Symbolic Hearths
Magical Hearths
Inspirational Hearths
Hestia: Sacred Space
Chapter 5. Psychological Hestia
Bringing Out Inner Truths
Inner and Outer Realities Converge
Hestia and Inner Centeredness
Chapter 6. Pop Culture’s Hestia
Archetypal Hestia in Film
Renovating Hestia’s Hearth in Romantic Tuscany
Archetypes in Films Cast Light on Our Life Stories
The “Hestia Complex” in Dr. T. and The Women
Archetypal Hestia in The Wizard of Oz
Archetypal Hestia as Snow White
Archetypes in Films Influence and Inspire Our Life Stories
Chapter 7. Inspirational Hestia
On Being Centered
On Being Compassionate

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