Oral Histories and Analyses of Nontraditional Women Students. A Study of Unconventional Strengths

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“. . . a clear call for action for university administrators, advisors, and professors to attend to the growing non-traditional population and to accommodate them as they do the traditional college age group. Written with compassion and clarity, the book should appeal to a wide range of readers. . . For professionals in academia, it will bring particularity to general statistics; it will make our nontraditional students, too often poorly understood, real. . . . another important audience is potential or new students, women who are trapped in dead-end jobs and family situations, and friends and family who want to help someone succeed. The very useful analyses that follow each life story help readers to recognize the conventional and unconventional strategies and strengths that the women develop through experience and will power. Though not long or burdened with academic jargon, the commentaries should be useful to all readers.” – Dr. Jane Olmsted, Director, Women’s Studies Program, Western Kentucky University

“. . . identifies specific areas that influenced the students prior to entry into college, then examines the conflicts that arose once they were enrolled and attending – conflicts that often pushed them to the brink of emotional and physical exhaustion. The authors’ conclusions furnish a much needed guide for educators and institutions providing services to nontraditional female learners, who comprise the fastest growing segment of the student population at state-supported colleges and universities.” – Jennie L. Brown

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