Hawaii, America’s Sugar Territory 1898-1959

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This study is a definitive text on Hawaii's territorial period, relying primarily on archival materials. It stresses the Territory's importance to West Coast defense and the islands' unique sugar and pineapple economy dependence upon support by the federal government. It also examines how local problems such as land ownership and racial diversity, often created bitter dissension.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Maps, Photographs, Foreword, Preface

1.Road to Annexation

2.Transition from Annexation to Territory

3.Creating Hawaii's Territorial Government

4.The Territorial Governor

5.Politics: The Territorial Legislature and Delegates

6.Problems Confronting the First Republican Governors

7.Hawaiians Fight for Their Land

8.King Sugar

9.Hawaii's Pluralistic Society

10.The First Democratic Coming

11.World War I Comes to Hawaii

12.Building the Pacific Defense Bastion

13.The 1920s – A Republican Decade

14.Land and the Hawaiian Rehabilitation Bill

15.Internal Improvements and Health

16.The Ala Moana and Massie Cases

17.Territorial Judges

18.Concerns about the Japanese in Hawaii

19.The Second Democratic Coming

20.The New Deal in Hawaii

21.Hawaii and World War II

22.Labor Seeks its Place

23.The Last Republican Governors

24.Hawaii Confronts the Communism Issue

25.The Search for Statehood


Appendices: Governors of Hawaii; Secretaries of the Territory of Hawaii; Territorial Delegates; United States District Court Judges; Territory of Hawaii Supreme Court Justices; Territory of Hawaii Circuit Judges

Bibliography; Index

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